Yamaha Music Education


Client Profile

Bringing everyone together through Music

Yamaha Music Education is a division of Yamaha Music Australia. The first Australian Yamaha Music School was established in Melbourne in 1970. There are now nine Yamaha schools nationally, operated directly by Yamaha Music Australia and South Australia operating under licence.

The Challenge

Increasing number of Registrations

Previously yamahamusiceducation’s registration/ conversion rate was very low which posed as a big challenge for InstaServ. Website Lacked the content and therefore power to hold end users to their website.

Our Solution

To cut down the root cause of the issues

InstaServ did extensive research and went into the root cause of the issue, as to why conversion rate of website was very poor. We came with a series of unique solutions and implemented them, which resulted in remarkable increase in number of conversions.


4X increase in conversions through paid ads

  • 85% increase in Google search impression share.
  • 47% decrease in average CPC
  • 4X increase in number of conversions
  • 60% decrease in bounce rate