Fun Amsterdam


Client Profile

Lowest price on all activities

FunAmsterdam is a tour company, offering a huge selection of different tours with tons of important information on Amsterdam city. Their tours range from concentrating on history and culture, to letting tourists experience the best of Dutch traditional foods and products.

The Challenge

To increase Ad Rank and Ad visibilty

 Prior to working with InstaServ, FunAmsterdam had very low Ad visibility as well as Ad rank. Their previous campaign was non-profitable to them. They were spending on Ads without any results.

Our Main challenge was to increase their Ad visibility and take positive steps towards increasing their Ad rank and ROI.

Our Solution

Working with the Google trends, not against it!

 InstaServ monitored the behavior of keywords, ads, placements, and all dimensions of the FunAmsterdam account. We also contemplated on strategy and trends in organic search, and various technical issues.

FunAmsterdam is focused on its own business, hence it relied upon our network of contacts, and our immersion in the industry, to be its “eyes and ears” on the digital marketing scene and other dimensions.


Bounce rate decreased by 65%

  • 120% increase in Google search impression share.
  • 52% decrease in average CPC
  • ROI of 7X +
  • 65% decrease in bounce rate