Devices Now


Client Profile

Enjoy and believe in what they are offering

Devices Now has been servicing the online community for 10+ years! They started selling products on eBay and Amazon in 2002 and grew their business rapidly over the next 8 years selling domestically and internationally.

In 2010 they decided to leave the 3rd party ecommerce sites behind and open their long overdue website. Over the last 6 years they have achieved great success in sustaining and growing their website online. Devices Now has created a strong presence amongst the retail giants which seemed to be impossible in the early days of their site.

The Challenge

Decreasing Cost Per Conversion

Challenge for the campaign was to decrease cost-per-conversion and ensuring that device-now is visible as much as possible keeping within budget.

Our Solution

Research, Implemetation and Optimization

InstaServ researched for Business goals, keywords, Ad copy and shortlisted profiles that should be targeted.

We also bifurcated shopping campaign to decrease Maxim CPC. We created Dynamic search ads and improved the overall quality score.

The client had set campaigns on auto bidding mode which was converted to a mix of auto + manual mode in order to increase conversion and decrease cost per conversions.


Decreased Cost per Conversion by 40%

  • 58% increase in Google search impression share
  • 39% decrease in average CPC
  • ROI of 3X from the earlier figures
  • 40% decrease in Cost-per-conversion