Alpaca Direct


Client Profile

Providing exceptionally high quality products

Established in 2005, AlpacaDirect is a result of the passion for these animals and the wonderful products they allow AlpacaDirect to produce.

The Challenge

Drive Sales

The main challenge was to drive sales for AlpacaDirect and ensure that is visible amongst those who have previously visited their website. They also wanted to maintain a ROI of 5X and more.

Our Solution

Extensive research and implementation of unique solutions

InstaServ performed extensive keyword research for services provided by the company and shortlisted keyword search terms & demographic profiles that should be targeted.

We also optimized & monitored google analytics to track the conversion funnel.

Ongoing optimisation of bids, constant checking of positions & running auction insight reports, along with continuous negative keyword additions enhanced the performance of the account.


ROI of 6X +

  • 60% increase in Google search impression share.
  • 48% decrease in average CPC
  • ROI of 6X +
  • 55% decrease in bounce rate